Virgin Media Broadband

When it comes to choosing the best broadband services in the UK and Ireland, of which is not only fast and reliable, but also cost-effective, all too often we find ourselves at a means to an end in regards to ensuring we are choosing the best provider. With that being said, it is always highly recommended that some research is conducted to ensure that all of our needs and wants are met, and at the best price possible for the services! One such company that ensures you are getting the best broadband deals for your buck is that of Virgin Media.

Regardless of which options you are requiring for your broadband services; Virgin Media offers all the best selections for speed. For instance, they offer options such as their 50Mbps Superfast Fibre and also the latest VIVID, which is the latest in optical fibre technology and boasts speeds of 100Mbps and upwards of 200Mbps! Their rates for their high speed services start at an incredibly low price for the first twelve months, with a small increase for the next eighteen months, be sure to check out the Virgin Media website for further pricing options.

Whether you are in favour of Fibre, Superfibre 50 or even newest fan-favourite VIVID, Virgin Media offers an incredibly sleek new WiFi router, the Super Hub, that will quickly connect you to your choice of selected networks. It is really a hot design that adds to the sleek effect of your work-space or family computer room! Best of all its design offers a straight signal to ensure that your family can enjoy WiFi from any device, from any room of the home with ease and reliability! The Super Hub provides incredibly fast WiFi speeds that remain fast over multiple devices as it utilizes 5GHz and 2.4GHz at once, and combines an small additional wireless antenna. And when combined with VIVID you will find yourself boasting speeds upwards of 200Mbps throughout your entire home! You can even be sure that your entire family is protected as the Super Hub offers the latest in wireless encryption technology, called Web Safe, F Secure SAFE™ and also offers secure parental controls. You can find the Virgin Media contact number here.

An additional notable feature in terms of Virgin Media Broadband services actually falls in the way of how the cables are associated with your network. Virgin Media opts to utilize the latest DOCSIS® 3 tech cables that run directly to your home, making them much faster and increasingly more reliable than the competition. While competing companies offer a copper phone line that directs into your home, Virgin Media combines the DOCSIS® 3 tech cables with an insulated cable that features a thick copper core and in turn will absorb the super fast broadband signal which allows for a huge increase in your speed. In other words, with Virgin Media broadband, you are far more likely to get the speeds that you are paying for!